Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training is a vital contribution to the safe and efficient helicopter operations on board superyachts and whilst a requirement on commercially operated heliports, it is also highly recommended on non-commercial heliports where the risk profile may actually be higher! The current MCA accredited Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training is valid for a period of two years following which a crew member must requalify.

Our MCA accredited training course covers: Heliport & Aviation Awareness Heliport Standard Operating Procedures Heliport Emergency Operating Procedures incl live rescue & firefighting Heliport Ground Handling Heliport Refuelling Operations

Heliport safety training is complex and involved, and covers one of the highest operational risk profiles that can take place on a sea going vessel such as a superyacht or cruise ship. Therefore this is not training that can be undertaken purely in an 'online' setting. We are aware of businesses that are selling such training which has subsequently not been accepted during a heliport inspection and certification visit. The safety of helicopter passengers and the vessels crew remain paramount and therefore training should be taken seriously and not perceived as a tick box exercise!

Dangerous Goods by Air Awareness training is also required to be undertaken by any crew member operating in the air transportation chain. It does not necessarily mean that your yacht or aircraft transports 'dangerous goods', it is to ensure that crew members operating on heliports are able to identify 'hidden' dangerous goods, permitted or not! This certificate is also valid for two years.

We urge crew members to ensure they remain 'in date' with their heliport qualifications and plan well ahead to ensure that they are able to book and attend a course to requalify before the end of their certification period.

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