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Maritime Aviation have been working with other subject matter experts in the world of firefighting to explore and contribute to developments of fire extinguishing products that can safely and effectively deal with all types of fire whilst responding to the environmental challenges that we all face today.

Maritime Aviation has now been appointed the distributor for the maritime and other sectors to supply the latest innovation in firefighting media and MED approved fire extinguishers produced by Zenova.

Following extensive testing, Zenova FX Fire Extinguishers have been found to be safe and effective in extinguishing all classes/types of fire including 'lithium-ion' battery fires.

Zenova FX Fire Extinguishers come in 9 litre, 6 litre and 500ml versions which provide flexibility and versatility when assessing the risk, and removes the confusion when selecting a fire extinguisher to match the type of fire in an emergency.

The range of extinguishers use the proprietary Zenova FX fluid. This fluid has been tested and certified to EN1568 and EN3-7 by the globally reputed MPA Dresden.

Most existing fire extinguishers are not able to deal with all types of fire effectively, hence a fire point may have several different types of fire extinguisher to cover the surrounding risks. Well now you only need just one, Zenova FX!

Zenova FX is an innovative, versatile, certified, tested and MED approved fire extinguishing media allowing the user to safely and effectively tackle all classes of fire and also lithium-ion battery fires.

The main advantages are:

  • Having one fire extinguisher type for all fires reduces the risk of confusion in selecting the correct one in an emergency reducing the danger to the user.

  • Most fires can involve products associated with multiple classes of fire through fire spread. Zenova FX is safe and effective in this instance.

  • The extinguishers have a rapid knockdown and cooling capability.

  • Zenova FX fire extinguishers are certified and rigorously tested at globally renowned establishments. It is also MED approved for use in the maritime sector.

  • Zenova FX fire extinguishing fluid is environmentally friendly with the pressure vessel being reusable after use.

  • Additional benefits include:

·         Lower capital expenditures, as fewer extinguishers are required.

·         Lower annual maintenance costs as fewer extinguishers need to be serviced.

·         Lower training costs as the Zenova range of extinguishers can put out any type of fire

Maritime and other sectors have faced great challenges over recent years with lithium-ion power sources becoming involved in fire following thermal runaway. Whether it be Energy Storage Systems, EV’s, e-scooters and other personal mobility devices or laptops and tablets. This greatest challenge has been to learn how to deal with these incidents safely and effectively.

MarAv's Commerical Director & Head of Training Richard Selby said "Over the last 2 years or so we have been very active in the area of 'lithium-ion' battery risks due to the recent catastrophic maritime losses.

During that time we have explored different fire suppression products that state their benefits when used in incidents involving 'lithium-ion' battery fires, but non appear to have demonstrated the level of effectiveness that we have now seen with Zenova FX.

It would be prudent to state that we are currently experiencing the supply and siting of other fire extinguishing products that are clearly inappropriate for the risk and are creating a false sense of security onboard vessels. Shipyards, vessel owners and crew are being made to believe that such products are effective in all locations and risks when in fact they are absolutely not!"

Maritime Aviation have become increasingly concerned by the continued lack of understanding of the risks to life caused by incidents involving lithium-ion batteries during thermal runaway where 'off gassing' produces hazardous, toxic and explosive vapour. As such, the methodology for dealing with such incidents must be reviewed together with the use of some fire extinguishing products.”

Zenova FX has shown to be safe and effective for use with all classes of fire and lithium-ion battery fires. This means that should you be confronted with such an incident, you now only need one type of fire extinguisher to deal it.

In addition Zenova has modified the Zenova FX fluid for specific industry applications

Zenova FX concentrate for example, is specifically designed to act as a replacement fire extinguishing agent in existing systems. This will allow marine fire extinguishing systems to use the Zenova FX fluid mixed together with sea water to effectively extinguish fires.

You can learn more about Zenova FX fluid fire extinguishers at or email ‘'



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