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'Non Pop-up' DIFFS from Maritime Aviation

Maritime Aviation can offer a technologically advanced Deck Integrated Fire-Fighting System (DIFFS) installed on a superyacht or cruise ship heliport that can support the initial and immediate 'fire suppression' required to extend the survivability window for the occupants of a helicopter involved in fire.


Many current systems installed on vessels use a 'pop-up' movement to dispense foam where the applicator rises several centimetres above the deck and therefore create a trip hazard for heliport rescue firefighters (HRF's) moving in to fight the fire and effect a rescue, and for those occupants who have self-escaped to move away from the heliport to relative safety.

The new technological advances offered by Maritime Aviation enhance heliport safety by using a certified 'non pop-up DIFFS' for your heliport that have:

  • Non pop-up applicator

  • 360 degree coverage

  • Horizontal and vertical flow

  • No moving parts

  • No trip hazard

Explore the video where you see the system in action. For more information contact us as at ''

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