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Helicopters, Heliports & Pilots

Our outstanding capabilities are reflected in both shipboard and land based heliports.

Rooftop Hospital Heliport.jpg

Maritime Aviation are able to assist with the acquisition of helicopters, installation of shore based and ship board heliports and the sourcing of experienced pilots around the globe dependant on your requirements.


There are numerous elements to be considered in the decision making process when seeking to acquire an aircraft or to design and install a heliport and therefore it is important to engage the right experts to streamline the process.

We commence with early discussions around what the ultimate project objective is such as what purpose will the helicopter be used for and, of course, where it will operate such as a superyachts, cruise ships, hospitals, airfields or remote locations.

We can then place you in the hands of individual experts who can manage each element of the project through to completion.

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