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Helicopter Landing Officer Register

We frequently receive requests from superyachts and yacht management companies for Helicopter Landing Officers (HLO's) to operate on a temporary, short term basis. It could be for urgent relief purposes or simply to cover a short charter, some may lead to permanent contracts. Maritime Aviation seek to assist with those requirements via our HLO Register where we can forward such requests to qualified, current HLO's who maybe available.

How does it work?

  • A currently qualified HLO who is able to fulfil the required criteria applies to join the MarAV HLO Register.

  • Bonafide Yacht & Crew Management companies or interested parties send HLO requests to Maritime Aviation.

  • Maritime Aviation forward those requests to the HLO register.

  • The HLO establishes direct contact with the yacht/crew management company or interested party.

In order to apply to be included on the Maritime Aviation Helicopter Landing Officer Register you must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Have at least 3 years experience as a qualifed superyacht crew member.

2. Be a qualified Helicopter Landing Officer with a current UK MCA HLO Certificate.
3. Have at least 3 months of verified evidence of 'live' superyacht heliport flying operations in the last 12 months.

4. Be able to provide a 'CV' detailing your career in the superyacht industry.

Helicopter Landing Officer Register
Application Form

Thanks for applying!

By applying to be included on the Maritime Aviation Helicopter Landing Officer Register you agree to:

  • Maritime Aviation holding your details securely for the explicit purpose of the MarAV HLO Register and communications connected with it.

  • Being contacted by Maritime Aviation in connection with HLO opportunities, some communications maybe directly from yacht & crew management companies.

  • Your contact details being forwarded to bonafide yacht & crew management companies or interested parties connected with the MarAv HLO register.

Some conditions include Maritime Aviation

  • reserving the right to approve/reject applications to the MarAv HLO Register

  • reserving the right to remove a 'registrant' from the MarAv HLO register at anytime without notice.

  • reserving the right to seek verification of any HLO applicant or yacht role advertiser.

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