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MCA Heliport Safety Training & Bespoke Training

We provide a number of maritime aviation training courses for individuals or vessel groups, including those shown below.
To discuss your requirements further, please contact us.


MCA-Accredited Training

We are approved by the UK MCA to deliver their Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training Syllabus.  Required by heliport crews on Red Ensign Group large commercial yachts and recognised widely in the marine community, we provide MCA-accredited qualifications for:

  • Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)

  • Heliport Deck Assistant (HDA)

  • Helideck Fire Fighting (live fire & rescue practical)

  • Helicopter Refuelling

Non Commercial Heliport Training.png

HLO & HDA Training

There are inherent dangers involved with operating helicopters from ships and as a minimum, SOLAS requires personnel on ships with helicopter facilities to be trained; we offer this for all personnel onboard, including:

  • HLO-Helicopter Landing Officer

  • HDA-Heliport Deck Assistant

  • HRO-Helicopter Responsible Officer

  • Bridge teams


Specialist Roles

There are specialist helicopter roles and tasks, in addition to VIP/guest transfer operations, for which additional specialist training is highly recommended.  Such additional training helps to mitigate the risks associated with conducting these roles, which include:

  • Helicopter refuelling

  • Sling loading

  • Cold weather (Arctic/Antarctic)

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