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The world of firefighting has changed with the evolution and creation of Zenova FX fire extinguishers. There is no longer any need to choose which type of fire extinguisher to use safely in the event of emergency, as now you only need ONE!

Maritime Aviation are an authorised distributor of this game changing product, just watch our video below to understand the capabilities and versatility of our Zenova FX fire extinguishers, 9 litre, 6 litre and particularly the FX500 which can even be used at any angle, upside down! Making it ideal in more challenging spaces.

Benefits of Zenova FX Extinguishers
The Zenova FX range of extinguishers, powered by Zenova’s proprietary FX fluid, are safe to use on any type of fire, preventing the risk associated with multiple extinguisher classifications.

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Characteristics of different types of fire extinguishers

  • Water extinguishers will have a good A rating but no class B, F or dielectric.

  • Foam extinguishers will generally not have a good A rating, but have a really good B rating (fuels, diesel/petrol) and no F (cooking oils) rating.

  • Hydrocarbon fires are normally extinguished with Foam/AFFF using very specific techniques to create a blanket of foam on top of heptane to suffocate it. The standard for class B is very much geared towards foam extinguishing media.

    Another key benefit of the Zenova FX range of extinguishers is that fewer number of extinguishers are required to provide the same fire safety.

    This results into the following cost savings:

  • Lower capital expenditures, as fewer extinguishers are required.

  • Lower annual maintenance costs as fewer extinguishers need to be serviced.

  • Lower training costs as the Zenova range of extinguishers can put out any type of fire.

In addition:

  • Zenova FX fluid is environmentally friendly and

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A word about Testing & Certification

It is vital that fire extinguisher manufacturers are transaparent about their product testing and certification

  • There is a big difference between fire extinguishers tested to EN3-7 standard and those who have been tested and certified to the EN3-7 standard.

  • There are very few internationally accepted certification bodies for EN3-7 standard.

  • We have tested all 6 and 9 litre extinguishers at the reputed international testing house MPA Dresden.

• Some of our competitors are making claims that they have been tested and certified to the EN3- 7 standard, however if you ask them to show these certifications they cannot show these documents.
• Some of our competitors also claim to be fully certified pointing out their Kitemark. We wish to point out that a Kitemark can also be obtained by just passing one test such as the dielectric test and then claim certification on all types of testing. The best approach is to request any supplier to actually show the required certifications.

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Important Note:

Please review the technical summary for explanation regarding permitted certification

Class C fire testing and certification and only be performed on powder type extinguishers which have gained a class B or class A and class B certification. Zenova FX6L and FX9L fire extinguishers can extinguish Class C fires.

Class D fire testing and certification and only be performed on powder type extinguishers. Zenova FX6L and FX9L fire extinguishers can extinguish Class D fires. such as magnesium.

There currently are no standard tests for lithium battery fire extinguishers. Zenova FX fire extinguishers can extinguish fires involving lithium-ion batteries.

Zenova FX fluid variations

Zenova has modified the Zenova FX fluid for specific industry applications

• Zenova FX concentrate
This concentrate is specifically designed to act as a replacement fire extinguishing agent in existing systems. This will allow marine fire extinguishing systems to use the Zenova FX fluid mixed together with sea water to effectively extinguish fires.

• Zenova FX minus temperatures
This modified fluid allows the Zenova FX extinguisher range to be used in colder climates and applications where temperatures can fall to minus 15 degrees centigrade.

Lithium-ion Battery fires

  • 'Lithium battery fires' are fires coming from Lithium battery packs and can range from small cell phone battery fires, through e-scooter fires, leisure products to large electrical car battery fires.

  • The challenge is that even when a lithium battery fire is initially extinguished, the lithium battery will continue to emit dangerous flammable gasses which then could reignite and create a fire ball hazard scenario. These gasses are highly explosive and contain Hydrogen, Methane and Ethane to name a few very nasty gasses.

Lithium battery testing standards

  • There currently are no standard tests for lithium battery fire extinguishers.

  • We expect an official testing standard on lithium battery fires only to be available in 2025.

  • Zenova will continue to work with leading experts in the field to help to be part of the solution for Lithium battery fires rather than jump on the bandwagon to make claims to insufficient testing standards.

Lithium battery fire tests

  • Zenova has participated in an independent testing of lithium battery fire extinguishers by the University of Newcastle where various fire extinguishers were tested. Our extinguishers were able to put out the initial lithium battery fires. Zenova expects to receive the official test report by the University of Newcastle within the near future.

Car Fires
Car fires can consist of multiple type of fire class materials.
We have successfully demonstrated the capabilities of our extinguishers by putting out a car fire in front of industry and fire expert leaders.
These experts were most impressed by:
• The effectiveness of our extinguishers.
• The rapid heat reduction.
• The lack of messy residues.
• The lack of run off materials.

MED/MER Approvals


MED - Definition
European Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC and often called M.E.D/MED approval or certification is an authorisation of equipment and products for the Marine industry.
Zenova MED certification

Zenova fire extinguishers are MED certified. Zenova FX6L and FX9L - MED, Module B Zenova FX6L and FX9L - MED, Module D - Download MED Certificate here


MER - Definition
Marine Equipment Regulations 2019 (MER) is the corresponding UK regulation of the
European Marine Equipment Directive for equipment and products for the Marine industry.

It will not be mandatory until 1st of January, 2025.


Zenova MER certification
Zenova fire extinguishers are being certified to MER, awaiting certificate.

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For more information about Zenova FX Fire Extinguishers contact us at
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