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Maritime Aviation are delighted to announce their appointment as an 'Aviation Inspection Body' operating on behalf of The Bahamas Maritime Authority, widening the choice of aviation capable superyachts for heliport inspection and certification.

As a maritime nation with a long shipping tradition, The Bahamas understands the needs of superyacht owners. The quality of The Bahamas Register is well known and highly respected across the world fleet, which includes a wide cross section of vessel types and nations. It is renowned for being young and proactive in the maritime sector.

A member of the IMO Council, The Bahamas is an active participant in the Council’s work and has a powerful voice in world shipping where it influences the development of policies and legislation both nationally and on the international stage. The Authority listens to the voices of its vessel owners and reflects their interests through the work of the Bahamas Shipowners Association.

Maritime Aviation are known as a global leader in the world of superyacht aviation being the only company providing a full service portfolio of shipboard heliport design consultancy, safety audits and inspections for commercial and non-commercial heliports, heliport equipment and lighting supply, MCA accredited Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training and aviation inspection body services.

Our team are available to discuss your individual needs, and you can contact us by email at '


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