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Stress Free Travel for MarAv

Since Maritime Aviation was born some years ago, overseas travel has always been an absolute necessity for the servicing of clients, business & professional development meetings and attending events.

Many hours have been spent by our staff searching for best value flights and accommodation, sometimes in places they have never visited, time which could be much better spent on doing the 'day job'!

Then when it comes to the travel itself, even more time was spent researching entry requirements due to COVID-19, checking flights for any changes, sorting out car parking and much more.

Following a review of our internal systems, it was agreed that we should seek a more efficient alternative to 'self searching' and satisfying our own travel arrangements. However, we were certainly not in the position to employ a dedicated resource, nor did our needs require it. But, with some research, we were delighted to find that we could have the best of both worlds by having our own '24/7 dedicated travel manager' who undertook all the work for us without having to employ one!

Enter Mr Damian Flower of Travel Counsellors, Maritime Aviation's 'fire & forget' solution to company travel who introduces himself - “Having been in the Corporate Travel industry more than 3 decades, I have come across most situations and challenges, whether that be snow, strikes or ash clouds. The recent pandemic has led to an added complexity to travel in the form of COVID-19 related country entry requirements. This now forms the primary value I can bring to arranging travel for my wide ranging clients. Looking after a mix of Marine, Motorsport, Automotive and Electric Vehicle corporate clients, alongside Sports Hospitality, provides me with the variety to form an interesting and engaging customer base. But importantly for me I take great pleasure in offering the best in class service and support for them all, also offering the best rates through Marine/Ships crew fares, consolidated Nett fares, direct contract and Bed Bank room rates will allow savings to your travel budgets. The other value I like to bring is sharing my network contacts to allow growth of my clients industries through events arranged or recommendations.”

Damian reigns from McLaren Formula 1 and with the top class professionalism to match. Over the past year or so Damian has saved us much time and expense by managing our company travel requirements and the associated adjuncts. When all the travel arrangements are complete, the trip information is available via a dedicated travel app on your phone including an itinerary, flight updates, accommodation vouchers and anything else relating to the trip.

If you are a business, large or small, that travels regularly in the UK or overseas, that would like to benefit the way Maritime Aviation has, then drop Damian a line, we know he would be delighted to tell you how he can help you.


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