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Updated: Apr 14, 2022

SUPERYACHT HELIMAT MX I Easy to lay down & lift up! A helicopter landing area on the deck of a superyacht. It sounds wonderful, but it also takes up a lot of space. Well, that was how it used to be! The SUPERYACHT HELIMAT MX from PolyMX is quickly to install due to the easy 'Lay down & Lift up' principle. Within several minutes you can lay a complete and fully fledged helimat that meets all high quality requirements. Perhaps even more important is the fact that this helimat can also be completely removed within the same time. In this way, that part of the deck remains available for placing a lounge, a movable swimming pool or other further uses.

CONVENIENCE COMBINED WITH TOP QUALITY Top quality is central to PolyMX. Despite the simple 'lay down & lift up' principle, quality is not compromised, on the contrary. The SUPERYACHT HELIMAT MX is practically indestructible and have been produced in a sustainable way. The deck will therefore not be damaged, even in difficult and unpredictable conditions during the take-off and landing of the helicopter. In addition, the materials used are seawater and oil resistant, provided with an anti-slip profile and coloured to the core. This also keeps the iconic "H" in the centre of the helimat and any circle around it always clearly visible. All manufacturing takes place in-house at our factory in the Netherlands. Customization is of course always possible, based on your wishes.

SPECIALIST IN UNBURDENING PolyMX adds great value in the field of service and unburdening. Thanks to our experiences in the maritime sector and previous projects with superyachts in particular, we possess knowledge of all ins and outs. From the correct handling and the type of deck of your yacht, to the measuring instructions for very accurate instalment of the SUPERYACHT HELIMAT MX. In addition, the purpose of the helimat and how often it will be used are taken into account. Step by step, you will be guided through the process of designing a new helimat. PolyMX takes the lead in this process to completely unburden you and to guarantee that you are always satisfied with the final solution. We believe that this personal approach results into a highly practical product that meets your wishes and requirements.

COLLABORATION WITH MARITIME AVIATION To expand the service, it is possible to use the services of Maritime Aviation. Maritime Aviation ensures that the crew is properly trained, so that you can use the SUPERYACHT HELIMAT MX from PolyMX without any problems and in a safe manner. Maritime Aviation's safety and observation training is of great importance here. Your crew will learn how to safely lay-down and remove the mat under different circumstances.

WANT TO GIVE IT A TRY? Are you curious about the SUPERYACHT HELIMAT MX? It is possible to rent it for a specific period! This way you can experience the quality of PolyMX, without being directly tied to the purchase. For urgent solutions, PolyMX also has temporary helimats available.

For more information, you can contact the PolyMX advisers by telephone on (+31) 162 74 80 60 or by e-mail to

Please mention Maritime Aviation when you speak to the PolyMX team.


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