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Superyacht Aviation Safety Seminars

Operating helicopters on ship board heliports is complex requiring a great deal of subject matter expertise in a number of areas from design to delivery and beyond. The number of aviation capable superyachts and other vessels has in grown dramatically over the past twenty years and the risk profile has increased proportionately!

As a global leader in the industry, we are very much aware that the synergy between the maritime and aviation sectors and regulatory authorities requires further focus, particularly when both sectors are amongst the most highly regulated in the world.

Maritime Aviation are aware of challenges which could potentially be detrimental to safety and therefore we have embarked on a journey of education and knowledge sharing in support of risk mitigation within this complex area.

We have created a platform to host workshops, seminars and webinars to support the industry which will cover subject matter relevant  for designers, shipyards, yacht management companies, law and insurance services, yacht owners and their representatives, captains and crew members.

You will be able to explore and book your place forthcoming events on this page.


A Superyacht Aviation Safety Workshop for industry experts exploring risk mitigation and rapid fire supression involving Li-ion power sources on superyachts, the toys within and their helicopters.

Date: TBC

Venue: London


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