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Lithium-ion Battery Fire Extinguishing Solutions

The world is constantly striving to explore more environmentally friendly power and propulsion sources of energy.

Whilst Lithium-ion batteries have been in existence for some time, it is only more recently that they are being used in a much wider range of products including superyachts, e-vtol rotorcraft, yacht tenders, personal watercraft, submarines and many more.

The associated fire risk of lithium-ion batteries has, up until now, been little thought about, but now we are seeing regular incidents of fire involving this energy source which we need to be prepared for. The risk and behaviour of fires involving Lithium-ion batteries requires a different approach with more sophisticated fire extinguishing media.

Maritime Aviation are specialists in lithium-ion fire extinguishing solutions and are able to supply a full range of fire extinguishing and containment kits solely for dealing with Lithium-ion battery fires and energy storage systems, specifically, AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion).

This 'state of the art' fire extinguishing media, AVD delivers an innovative, natural, mineral-based, and environmentally safe extinguishing agent consisting of an advanced formulation of chemically and physically inert vermiculite platelets and water which cools and smothers.

Effective lithium battery fire protection

Discover a new, revolutionary fire extinguishing agent for lithium-ion battery fires with AVD. The only product of its kind, AVD offers unique and effective lithium battery fire protection.

  • Effectively extinguishes Class A fires

  • Effectively extinguishes flammable metal fires

  • Proven results on lithium-ion battery fires

  • Suitable for portable and fixed installations

  • Environmentally friendly

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