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MarAv launch Volthub

Updated: Mar 1

Did you know lithium-ion battery fires are the #1 fastest growing fire risk?

Maritime Aviation and Heliport Supplies introduce VoltHub, a world first solution to charging lithium-ion batteries safely. An all-in-one, indoor and outdoor use, IP55 rated unit that constantly and proactively keeps fire risks at bay, and dramatically reduces the consequences of a battery fire breakout.

With built-for-purpose features to care for batteries, the unit always keeps them charged under optimal conditions, lowering the risk of fire to begin with.

Should a fire unfortunately break out, the unit reacts promptly using an audible and visual alarm and GSM module to notify a phone number of choice. At the same time, VoltHub will suppress the fire, preventing thermal propagation onto neighbouring lockers and charging equipment. As if it couldn’t be any easier to keep li-ion battery charging safe, the unit is simple to use and requires minimal servicing, powered up with just a single external socket... leave it all to VoltHub.


The Volthub is ideal for shipyards, airfields, heliports, large yachts, cruise ships, offshore installations, in fact any location where you charge lithium-ion powered products and want ultimate protection.

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