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Following lengthy research and feedback from vessels and shipyards, Maritime Aviation have launched a newly developed shipboard 'Heliport Crash Rescue Kit' that provides an easy access layout with inventory checking and satisfies the challenges of limited on board stowage space when not in use.

The Heliport Crash Rescue Kit satisfies the requirements of ICAO Annex 14, Vol II, ICAO Doc. 9261and SOLAS for Category H1/H2 heliports for the provision of a range of tools that can be readily deployed for use in the event of an aircraft accident involving a helicopter on a shipboard heliport.

Commercial Director & Head of Training, Richard Selby said "It is never one size fits all onboard superyachts and ships. We constantly engage with Captains, crew members and shipyards to develop products that work for them in a unique environment. Our expertise suggests that over time, there has been inadequate provision of equipment for use by Heliport Rescue Firefighters in the event of an aircraft accident, and we are driven to improve the outcome for passengers and aircrew by providing 'easy to deploy' tools that can expedite access, extrication and personal protection for crew."

The main 'Heliport Crash Rescue' toolkit is housed in a 'slimline' high quality bespoke water resistant bag with coloured engineered foam that identifies if an item is missing. The 'wipe clean' bag is space saving in that it can be stowed on or next to a bulkhead. The additional equipment comprises of retractable ladders, helmets, eye, ear & respiratory protection gloves and intrinsically safe torches all housed in their own bespoke water resistant, wipe clean bags.

The 'MarAv Heliport Crash Rescue Kit' is available only from Maritime Aviation and you can order, or get more information at

Download a leaflet here


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