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Maritime Aviation - The global maritime distributor for Tiger Tugs

With limited space on ship & superyacht heliports, the movement of helicopters has been made much easier with the evolution of the Typhoon 'omni-directional' vehicle. This was just one of the products that brought USA based Tiger Tugs and UK based Maritime Aviation together many months ago to broaden the exposure of such advanced technology to aviation capable ships & superyachts, resulting in a global distributorship agreement adding to the portfolio of specialist heliport equipment that Maritime Aviation provides to the sector.

Maritime Aviation MD, Jonathan Turner said, "The Typhoon is the first helicopter tug of its kind and is revolutionising the way helicopters are handled at sea! Superyacht owners now want the ability to move their helicopters to a parking space on deck or to into a hangar to release the heliport for other activities or equipment. This tug is unique because of its true 'omni-directional' capability. The Typhoon is able to move in any direction of the compass. It can drive sideways, any angle, pivot 360° about its centre, literally any direction you ask of it!"

Tiger Tugs manufacture a range of helicopter movement solutions all available through Maritime Aviation.


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