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Hopefully it will not take very long to note that one image is an Oil & Gas Exploration Platform (i.e. a fixed installation) and the other is a Superyacht (a sea going vessel).

The Oil/Gas Exploration Platform is normally towed to a predetermined point and fixed there for the duration of its work.  Conversely, a Superyacht is a luxury vessel that operates at sea, potentially all around the world, in response to the demands of its owner.

Both have an ability to be ‘aviation capable’, meaning they have a specified area designed to operate helicopters.  You will probably realise, however, that the risk profile of a helicopter landing area on an Oil Exploration Platform is very different from that to land onboard a Superyacht.

It makes sense, therefore, to train crew members appropriately, based on the specific requirements of operating in either of those environments, so they are able to mitigate inherent and unforeseen risks.  This is the reason why there are different approved training standards and courses available, based on the sector within which the crew member is working.

So, if you are working in the Oil and Gas industry, you would be required to undertake training approved by OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation).  If you are working in the Superyacht Industry, you should be undertaking training in accordance with the industry-recognised standard, i.e. that published by the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) in its Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training syllabus.

You will note that both OPITO and MCA organisation titles are quite specific about the industries that they serve!  As such, the training syllabus from each organisation, responds to their respective risk profiles.

So, when we get enquiries from crew members and insurers regarding MCA Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training courses, we are occasionally asked if it is an ‘OPITO’ course.  As Maritime Aviation specialises within the superyacht and cruise ship sectors, the answer is clearly, “No!”


Find out more about our its Large Yacht Heliport Safety Training course- Click here.


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