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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

From a handful of large yachts operating a small helicopter on board 15-20 years ago to several hundred today, and some operating two heliports with large helicopters, the sector continues to thrive with many owners enjoying the convenience of travelling to and from their superyacht by air.

Credit: Airbus Corporate Helicopters

The Maritime Aviation team are very proud of their global reputation in the 'aviation capable' superyacht sector and are privileged to support owners, their representatives, designers, shipyards, captains and yacht management companies to fulfil the requirements to operate their superyacht heliports and helicopters safely and efficiently providing guests with the ultimate experience.

However, it is not without its challenges and recently we had to break the news that a heliport onboard a superyacht was not able to accommodate their chosen model of helicopter due to an undetected size mismatch during the design and build phase. ' You can't be serious' was the owners cry, but by the time experts from Maritime Aviation had become involved, it was too late for any structural changes!

Whilst this is an extreme occurrence, it is not the first time that we have come across issues that affect safe and efficient helicopter operations onboard superyachts. In some cases, rectification has been possible but not without additional cost and delays to the yacht owner.

We are often asked how these costly issues can arise in the first instance, and the answer is quite simple, internet search engines are not experts in everything! That comment is not meant to be flippant, but we have had first hand experience during a meeting to explore where things have not gone to plan, and were provided with information sourced from the internet which proved to be incorrect and unvalidated.

In addition, many elements related to the design and equipment provision connected with shipboard heliports have evolved over time and yet this is not as evident as you would expect. To our team, it is clear why this is the case and we strive to offer our subject matter expertise at the early stages of the project to promote such innovation.

We are currently being engaged by flag states, classification societies and insurers to discuss risk mitigation involving the operation of helicopters on large yachts and therefore we highly recommend engaging with Maritime Aviation at the earliest stage of your project as possible. Not only do we know the questions to ask, we also have the answers!

Maritime Aviation are proud to offer: Aviation Inspection Body (AIB) services for multiple flag states. Superyacht Heliport design consultancy and build support. Heliport Refuel system design, build and servicing.

Heliport equipment and lighting supply. MCA accredited Heliport Safety Training. Helicopter & Pilot acquisition

Our team are available to discuss your requirements and would be delighted to support. In the first instance contact and we can arrange a call/meeting.


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